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Fall 2020
Meet Mr. Walter and his buddy Jacques
(Photo: Mr. Walter (left) with his new best friend, Jacques)
In addition to our many adoptable donkeys, we have a group of donkeys that due to age or special needs, will remain with PVDR for the rest of their lives. Our Fall Featured donkey is one of them; meet Mr. Walter! Mr. Walter is a 30+ year old mammoth gelding.
Featured special needs donkey of the quarter
Mr. Walter came to us through an animal control assisted case in Sorrento, Florida where he lived alone and neglected in a pasture. However, he lived across the street from an elementary school and the children, their parents and the teachers “adopted” Mr. Walter and made sure he was fed and loved. However, health issues forced them to seek help and Mr. Walter eventually came to PVDR for surgery, recovery, and long term care.
Mr. Walter is doing great currently, and he’s healthy and happy with his new best buddy, Jacques. Walter had a huge following in Florida. He was a local celebrity as well as a much loved fixture in the community. We created a group page for him on Facebook so all his friends and kids that loved him could keep in touch. All are welcome at “Fans of Mr. Walter”