If you have any questions regarding our Donkey Adoption Program, please contact our main office at For our Texas Guardian Donkey Program Click Here. This page is for our COMPANION donkey adoption program.

Peaceful Valley has many great donkeys available for adoption throughout the United States. In order for a donkey to be considered "adoptable" it must meet certain criteria:

  1. Donkey must be people friendly
  2. Donkey must accept a halter
  3. Donkey must stand for trimming

There are certain rules and guidelines required by Peaceful Valley:

  1. Only geldings and jennets are available for adoption
  2. Adopted donkeys cannot be bred
  3. Adequate shelter and fencing must be provided (requirement varies by region)
  4. Donkeys must be kept on adopter's property (no boarding facilities)
  5. Click here for the complete adoption policy

To begin the process, simply fill out our Online Adoption Form (please note, you will be directed offsite to complete the form).

Adoption fees $350 for a single and $500 for a pair. On the rare occasion that we have miniatures or mammoths, those fees are based on other factors and are typically higher.

Click here to pay your adoption fee.

Once we have received the application, it will be reviewed by our National Adoption Coordinator and forwarded to the Satellite Adoption Center nearest you. If you have any questions regarding our donkey adoptions please contact us at