Become A PVDR Satellite

Satellite Center Volunteer Program

Are you interested in joining the PVDR Team by becoming a Satellite Adoption and/or Training Center?

    •    Are you interested in being a part of our country’s premier donkey rescue?

    •    Do you have compassion, motivation and extra time?

    •    Do you live in an area where people are interested in adopting donkeys?

    •    Or…do you have an interest in working with our Iconic Wild Burros?    

    •    Do you have space on your ranch to house donkeys?

    •    Do you have fencing and facilities?

    •    Do you own or have access to a truck and trailer?

    •    Are you able to commit around 25 hours per week towards Satellite Adoption Center functions?

Peaceful Valley is looking for qualified individuals to operate Satellite Centers across the United States for both Adoption Centers and Training Centers. We would love for you to join our team so that together, we can continue to make this world a better place for donkeys.


Satellite Adoption Center (SAC)

The objective of a Satellite Adoption Center (SAC) is to move donkeys into areas where they are not as common. Satellite Adoption Centers (SACs) function as volunteer sanctuaries that help facilitate the adoption of donkeys in local communities all around the country. With the help of SACs, PVDR’s mission becomes closer in reach and donkeys all over the country will benefit.

Benefits of Becoming a SAC:

  • Spend time with loving and affectionate donkeys
  • Further the PVDR’s mission by placing donkeys in caring homes with capable owners
  • Give back to your local community by introducing these amazing creatures to interested people near you
  • Work with previously wild donkeys to give them a chance at a new domestic life
  • Receive training and knowledge from experienced donkey handlers on how to safely manage and take care of donkeys
  • ... and much more!

Testimonials from Current SACs:

What’s it like to be a SAC? Just ask some of our volunteers (click their name for a link to the full video):

“Who can be around a donkey and not smile, right? ... I think it’s the best experience I’ve ever had in my life!”
“I love [being] a Satellite because I can help rescue donkeys and spend my time with them... [PVDR is] a wonderful team to work with.”
“We’ve had a bunch of [donkeys] rescued out, and all of [them] are just so loved.”

Satellite Training Center

The objective of a Satellite Training Center is to work with formerly wild burros and get them accustomed to domestic life so that they may transition into our adoption program.


The process to become a PVDR Satellite Center is quick and easy.

   1. Read the Satellite Adoption Center/Satellite Training Center Agreement.

   2. Fill out the online application to become a Satellite Adoption Center/Satellite Training Center.

   3. A Peaceful Valley staff member will call you and arrange an interview.

   4. If a Satellite Adoption Center applicant has no prior equine handling experience, they may be asked to first foster a small number of donkeys at their location or up to 6 months prior to becoming a fully certified Satellite.

   5. Once approved as a Satellite Adoption Center, a PVDR staff member will schedule your delivery of donkeys and spend time with you at your facility aquatinting you with the PVDR process. New Satellite Adoption Center's are placed on a 6-month trial basis at first, to ensure that they are a safe and suitable temporary home for these donkeys.

   6. Once approved as a Satellite Training Center, a PVDR staff member will schedule a training date with your regional manager and teach you the PVDR gentling techniques that we use to ensure your safety as well as the burros you will be working with.

If you have any questions about these programs or want to follow up your application, please contact us at