Adoption Policy

PVDR reserves the right to evaluate each applicant on an individual basis to ensure that they are suited to provide the best possible care for the animals. All prospective adopters must fill out this application for adoption/foster prior to the evaluation. The evaluation has been established to ensure that the new home meets the standards set forth by PVDR. While PVDR maintains a minimum criterion for animal adoption/foster, some animals with special needs may require additional items. PVDR reserves the right to visit the prospective home prior to approving the application for adoption/foster as well as visit the placed animals as often as necessary to ensure the well being of the animals.

PVDR retains the title for life of the donkey. As a donkey ages, the cost for their care can increase significantly. To prevent a financial burden to the adopters, all donkeys must be returned to the rescue if there is a major change to the animals health.

This adoption agreement is made between the parties and for the location listed on this application. The donkey(s) may not be moved without prior consent of PVDR and may be removed from the state only under special circumstances.

The adopted animal must be kept on the adopter’s property and cannot be boarded or loaned. The adopter must be a primary caregiver and be available most days for care and feeding. Because of this rule, it is impossible for someone to adopt a donkey from PVDR to give as a “gift” to someone else.

PVDR will not allow their animals to be placed in a home where they will be used for roping/rodeo/or other cruel sports. By signing this agreement, perspective adopters agree that they will not use their animals for roping nor will they sell/lease/loan their animals for that purpose. Adopted animals cannot be used for film industry or commercial use at anytime without written consent of PVDR.

PVDR requires that you provide equine companionship for your donkey. If you do not currently own an equine, PVDR requires that you adopt (2) donkeys.

PVDR adopted jennets cannot be for bred. Nor can a jennet be placed in a home with un-castrated donkeys or horses. If a pregnant jennet is adopted, the adopter agrees to castrate male offspring and provide proof to PVDR.

PVDR adoption/foster policy require that, should you be unable to continue to care and provide for your animals, they must be returned to PVDR immediately. The adopter agrees that they will not sell, trade or loan their animal for any reason. The adopter also agrees to notify PVDR should there be any change in the animal’s health. PVDR requires that the adopter contact PVDR before making a decision to euthanize an adopted animal.

The applicant agrees that if PVDR deems the adoption/foster unsuccessful at anytime, the animal(s) must be returned to the rescue. The adopted donkey can be returned and traded for another if there is a conflict with other animals.

The applicant agrees to take financial responsibility for the animal(s) while in their care. This includes all medical, hoof, feed and worming costs. This also includes any and all liability for damages resulting from the animal while in your care.

The requirements listed above are for the sole protection of the animals. Many of these animals have only known abuse and neglect. We, at PVDR, spend countless hours as well as countless dollars putting these unfortunate animals lives back together. We made the adoption/foster policy strict so that these animals go only to people who understand our work and look upon these animals as we do. All animals that are not adoptable for any reason will live out their lives with us. PVDR makes no guarantees as to the soundness of the animals or do we provide animals that have any special skills. Our animals come from various backgrounds that range from minor neglect to serious abuse. These animals deserve a home with love and without high expectations. By signing this agreement, the perspective adopter agrees to abide by the rules and spirit of this adoption/foster agreement. The staff of the Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue is always available to assist you. Questions are always welcome.