Castration Station

Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue brings in hundreds, if not thousands, of whole jacks at any time. These jacks must be kept separated from the rest of the PVDR donkey community and under lock and key to prevent any unwanted contact, especially with our jennet population. Peaceful Valley is launching a bold new campaign to build out an 80 acre facility in Russell, Oklahoma to house 500 jacks at a time to await castration by the faculty and students of Texas Tech Veterinary School in Amarillo, Texas. Their campus is less than 2-1/2 hours away from Russell.

The land for the new facility is already owned by Peaceful Valley thanks to a very generous land donation. PVDR has since fenced to property with extra secure fencing and steel pipe fencing in all of the water crossings. It has electricity and a working well.

Phase 1 of the project will include the grading and importing of road base material to raise the donkey area above the existing surface area to ensure the donkeys have proper drainage during rain. There will be a total of six (6) three acre paddocks each capable of housing 125 donkeys each. Each paddock will have adequate shelter, concrete water troughs and all other necessary features for the comfort of the donkeys. One paddock will always remain empty to allow for morning feeding and afternoon cleaning as the donkeys are rotated through.

The benefit to this layout is that all 500 jacks can be managed by one person or a husband and wife team.

Cost for Phase 1: $250,000



Phase 2: Surgical Building

Cost for Phase 2: $375,000


Phase 3: Outfitting Surgical Building 

Cost for Phase 3: TBD