Project Sanctuary

Although our adoption numbers continue to climb each year, we are always bringing in more donkeys than we can adopt out.  As we have a finite amount of room on our current ranches, we had to find a way to keep large herds of donkeys while they await adoption.  Project Sanctuary was born out of this necessity.

We place donkeys in herds of anywhere from 20 donkeys to 150 donkeys in areas where there is sufficient grazing available to support the donkey’s needs.  The donkeys are inspected constantly to ensure that they are healthy.  Vaccines are provided annually and deworming takes place twice per year.  Hooves are either trimmed on-site or the donkeys are brought back to our main facility.

Project Sanctuary began in 2010 and has been extremely successful.  Peaceful Valley pays $15 per donkey per month.  The contract stipulates that either party (Peaceful Valley or the Lessor) can cancel the agreement with two weeks notice.  If you have property in the state of Texas and are interested in learning more, you can contact our office at 

All donkeys residing on our sanctuaries receive the exact same health care as those living on our other facilities. Annual vaccines, de-worming twice per year and regular hoof trimming and dental checks. Sanctuary donkeys are reevaluated regular to see if they are ready to enter the training program for future placement in our adoption program.