BLM Sale Burros


In 1971 Congress passed the Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act. This act “protected” wild equine on public lands from harassment and killing. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) was given the task to manage the herd numbers at a sustainable number. Even with their adoption program, the BLM had caught thousands of horses and burros that they must store in long term storage facilities. To help reduce the number of animals being stored, Senator Conrad Burns inserted specific language into a 2005 spending bill that required the BLM to sell any horse or burro over the age of 10 or that had been offered for adoption three times unsuccessfully. Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue has purchased upwards of a thousand of them.

 The burros are the direct descendants of the burros used in early railroad construction and mining throughout the southwest. The conclusion of World War II left a surplus of cheap equipment and the burros lost their jobs. Released to fend for themselves, the burros thrived in some of our country’s harshest environments. These burros deserve love and respect and a better life then standing in a government dry lot.

 You can become a part of history by adopting one or more of these amazing animals. All BLM Sale Burros meet all of Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue’s training criteria including:

  • Is friendly
  • Accept a halter
  • Walk on a lead
  • Pick up all four hooves for trimming

 As a PVDR Sale Burro Adopter you will receive a 4x6 acrylic photo of “Forsaken” (pictured above) to show off to your friends and maybe help convince them to adopt a living piece of history too.

 The Adoption Fee is $350 for the first burro and $150 for every additional.