Single Use Plastic

pvdr bottle art

Peaceful Valley, its Trustees, Senior Staff and Employees are taking a stand against single use plastic. Water and soda bottles contain less than 5% recycled plastic. What plastic that is recycled (about 30%) is shipped overseas to be made into carpet which is never recycled. The world's population consumes 1,000,000 soda and water bottles per minute

The average usefulness of a plastic straw is 20 minutes but will exist in a landfill for 600 years. 182,500,000,000 straws are used each year.

40,000,000,000 plastic utensils are produced in the US each year.

75,000,000 US households own a Keurig K-cup machine. If each machine produces just two cups per day that is 1,050,000,000 plastic K-cups in our landfills each week. Even the inventor regrets his invention. There are reusable cups with paper filters that work just as well.

1,000,000,000,000 ( yes, one trillion) plastic shopping bags are used everyday.

Mylar balloons are one of the biggest polluters of our deserts. People seldom consider where those balloons end up once released. Mylar is a particularly hardy material and will not breakdown, even under the intense heat of our deserts.

We are making the pledge to eliminate the use of plastic bottles, fast food straws, plastic utensils, shopping bags and K-cups on all of our corporate owned facilities. We hope to include our Satellite Centers and eventually our supporters in the upcoming months. By simply installing water dispensers and requiring our employees to use refillable bottles, our employees will cut out over 36,000 bottles each year. If we can include our volunteers, that number more than doubles.

If our donors embrace the concept, the numbers just might make an impact.

We encourage you to support products that are reusable and not contribute to this growing problem.

It may seem like an insurmountable task, but if we all do our part, we can make a difference.

This is not is our oceans, our deserts, our future.