Wills and Bequests

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“Every friend of Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue needs a Will

& every Will needs a provision for Peaceful Valley.”


One of our most important responsibilities in life is to create a will.  Without a will, the State will determine what happens to your estate.  Without proper philanthropic vehicles within your will, much of your estate could end up being paid as estate tax.


Creating or modifying a will is a simple process that can be performed by most attorneys and Internet self help sites.


The Trustees and Officers of Peaceful Valley have all included Peaceful Valley in our planned giving.  This will ensure the continued success of Peaceful Valley for many years to come.  We sincerely hope that you will join with us.


All bequests left to Peaceful Valley, regardless of size, are important to us.  This money not only represents your belief in our cause but it represents you.  It is our policy to review each bequest that we receive on an individual basis to ensue that the money is used for a special purpose and not simply lumped into our general fund.


Sample language to include in your Will:


I hereby give, devise and bequeath to

Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, Inc.

National Operations Center

PO Box 216

Miles, TX 76861


Tax ID #77-0562800


A Specific Bequest:

The sum of $_____________           


The property described as__________________________________


A Residual Bequest

the rest, remainder and residue of my estate.


___% (or fractional interest) of the rest, remainder and residue of my estate.