Meet the staff of


Kyle Nealey was a former member of the United States Coast Guard. Kyle holds a commercial driver’s license and can operate all manner of vehicles. Kyle’s key responsibility will be to transport the captured burros from the staging area to our training center in Scenic, AZ.


Madison Nealey is a long time member of the Peaceful Valley Training Staff. Madison, along with husband Kyle and 2 year old daughter Kinsley, will be relocating to the Scenic area to co-manage the new facility. Madison will be PVDR-West’s head trainer as well as volunteer coordinator and office manager.


Blaine Yañez is the son of PVDR Vice President Jack Yañez. Blaine will be our capture manager and contractor liaison for all of our Wild Burro Projects. Blaine, despite his youth, has many years of ranch experience and has been cowboying since he could walk. The Executive Staff were all relieved when Blaine accepted the position as we knew we needed someone with an outstanding work ethic and the ability to get things done.