SAC Guidelines

Peaceful Valley Satellite Adoption Center (SAC) Agreement The SAC caregiver agrees to:

    1    House 6-10 donkeys at any one time 

    2    Act as a layover site for Peaceful Valley donkeys being transported through the area 

    3    Screen potential adopters and perform home checks 

    4    Feed, water and clean daily 

    5    Enlist adequate help to care for donkeys during vacations 

    6    Monitor health and call veterinarian as needed 

    7    Evaluate hoof conditions and schedule trimming as needed. 

    8    Administer de-worming agent according to PVDR’s schedule 

    9    House PV approved surrenders/rescues and prepare to transport 

    10. Keep personal animals separated from SAC Adoptees 

    11. Provide assistance to donkey rescue cases in your area



The SAC must have:

    1. Suitable fencing and shelter for the donkeys

    2. Truck and trailer (or access to them) for transporting donkeys


SAC Caregiver cannot:

    1    Accept any donkey surrenders/rescues without pre-approval from the Main Office. 

(This does not include personal donkeys purchased for your own, but does include any donkey that results from the fact that you are a representative of Peaceful Valley.) 

    2    Deviate or make exceptions to the Adoption Policy without approval. 

    3    Loan donkeys for any reason 

    4    Remove donkeys from SAC unless to transport them to their adoptive home 


Peaceful Valley agrees to:

    1    Cover all travel expenses from the main sanctuary to the satellite location 

    2    Cover all veterinary costs while the donkeys are under the care of a SAC 

    3    Cover all farrier costs while the donkeys are under the care of a SAC 

    4    Supply all de-worming agents and vaccines 

    5    Purchase all feed and salt. 

    6    Cover Peaceful Valley approved advertising costs 


Limitations and Liabilities

    1    SAC Caregiver receives no monetary compensation 

    2    Peaceful Valley provides no liability coverage to the SAC 

    3    Agreement can be terminated for any violation 

    4    Donkeys remain the property of Peaceful Valley 

    5    The main office must approve all adoptions prior to placement 

    6    Each SAC caregiver agrees to an agreement term of 12 months