Peaceful Valley's Guardian Donkey Program is available in Texas only.  

Guardian Donkey Adoption Policy 


The Guardian Donkey Adoption Program is designed to place untamed jennets with farmers and ranchers. Upon adoption, these jennets will be trained to act as guardians for sheep, goats, or cattle. Guardian donkey should be placed with the flock or herd and treated as a member of said flock or heard. Guardian donkeys are trained to work alone, adding other equine or guardian animals will disrupt the desired behavior. Guardian donkeys cannot be used for pet donkeys, if you would like to adopt a pet or companion animal please Click Here. If you would like to adopt a donkey to guard other types of animals or if you have any questions please contact us at Criteria for Guardian Donkey:

    •    Must be a female (jennet) in good health and with sound mind and body.

    •    Donkey cannot be gentle or affectionate towards humans.

    •    Donkey must be of at least standard size and build.

    •    Donkey must show a willingness to live and roam with livestock.

    •    Mules and hinny’s are not available through this program. 

    •    Donkey must show signs of aggression towards K-9’s and other predators.

    •    Donkey cannot be pregnant or nursing.

    •    Donkey should not be gentled. 

    •    Donkey should not be used to guard or provide companionship for other equine.

    •    Donkey cannot be used in conjunction with a guardian K-9.  

    •    Guardian donkeys are trained to attack K-9’s and other predators, pets and companion animals should not come into contact with a guardian donkey, as she could view the pet as a threat and engage.


    1    Guardian donkeys are only available for adoption in Texas, unless otherwise approved by the guardian coordinator. The adoption fee is a non-refundable donation and the adopter will receive a tax receipt.

    2    PVDR adopted jennets cannot be used for breeding. Nor can a guardian be placed in a home with un-castrated donkeys or horses. 

    3    PVDR does not intentionally place pregnant jennets into the Guardian Donkey Adoption Program. If it becomes obvious the donkey is pregnant, the adopter agrees to notify PVDR immediately. The guardian will then be returned to PVDR and can be exchanged for another. It is best for the adopter that the pregnant guardian is returned before foaling, as she could become very aggressive and territorial in an attempt to guard her offspring. If the guardian does foal, the adopter agrees to notify PVDR immediately so the jennet and foal can be removed by PVDR and exchanged with a new guardian. 

    4    The guardian donkey remains the property of the Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue and must be returned to the rescue if for any reason the adopter no longer has a need for her.

CLICK HERE for our adoption application.