Donkeys have been a fixture in the Caribbeans for hundreds of years.  Brought by ship to be used as beasts of burden, these donkeys thrived in the tropical climate.  As innovation made them obsolete, the donkeys were set free upon the islands and in many cases left to overpopulate.  With the recent drought plaguing the islands, the donkeys have fallen on tought times.


Peaceful Valley  has been involved in the Caribbean since 2014.  We are actively working on the island of Sint Eustasius and directly involved with the Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire.


Donkey Rescue International is a division of the Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue but one day we hope to spin it off as a separate organization.  If you are interested in our work on the islands you can contact Donny Raymond

Statia’s donkeys in the government pen.

Statia’s donkeys on the sanctuary.

Bonaire’s donkeys on the sanctuary.

Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire Staff catching a jennet and her foal for removal from this residential neighborhood.